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Dry Marinas

Digitally transform your business & connect directly with boaters
All in one app

Join the Future of Boating Now!

FOKEA Dry Marinas Dashboard
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FOKEA Notifications
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Receive Booking Requests & Manage your Occupancy

  • Connect directly with boaters without the need to use other intermediaries
  • Enable boaters to book a parking position through FOKEA - faster and safer
  • Manage your occupancy and maximize capacity

Forget the need for manual processes, transform your business with FOKEA!

FOKEA Assing Drivers
FOKEA Trip Requests

Keep track of your Clients

  • FOKEA is a cloud-based service offered for browsers, mobile and tablet devices (iOS, Android)
  • Through FOKEA you can keep a complete documentation of your clients, automatically 

Forget the need for hard copies and manual processes

FOKEA for Dry Marinas

€ 1499.00 per annum
(VAT not included)

Connect Directly with Boaters

Receive Booking Requests

Manage Berth Occupancy

Plan Internal Processes

Plan Resources for

Peak/Low Demand Periods

Documentation of your Clients

Technical Support & Solution Set up

FOKEA Parking Requests

Plan Internal Processes & Resources for Peak/Low Demand Periods

  • Schedule & plan your personnel allocation for each trip, according to their availability
  • Receive real-time notifications for each trip and parking request
FOKEA - My Clients


The FOKEA subscription plan for the Dry Marina Service is charged annually.


*40% Discount is offered for every subscription plan

*Dry Marinas can also utilize the "Media Digital Transformation" Voucher, which is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0.

Join the Future of Boating Now!

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